Some Peacock Trivia

January 16, 2009
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Peacocks are one of the most beautiful birds in nature. Their beautiful feathers have long been used for ornamentation. Peacocks are members of the pheasant family. The word peacock actually refers to the male but is commonly used to refer to both sexes of this species. The most common breed of peacock is the Indian Blue Peacock. Peacocks are omnivores; their diet consists mostly of grain, grass, plants, insects and other small creatures although peacocks will eat just about anything. Contrary to popular belief, peacocks do fly but only for short distances. At night peacocks like to roost up high in trees or other high places. Peacocks reach maturity between eight and ten months of age. Peacocks have an average lifespan of twenty years in the wild but have been known to live as long as 40 years when domesticated. Peacocks are actually known as Peafowl. A male Peacock is known as a Peacock. A female Peacock is known as a Peahen. A baby Peacock is known as a Peachick. A family of peacocks are known as a bevy. A group of peacocks is referred to as a party. Peacocks are quite companionable birds. Peacocks get along well with other birds and like plenty of open space where they can roam free. They also enjoy being where they can get plenty of sunlight. Peacocks prefer peace and harmony and will try to avoid turmoil. Peacocks have a crest or crown on the top of their heads that gives them a royal appearance. Males may have a harem of females which will each lay three to five eggs. The average length of an adult peacock’s beak is an inch long. Peacock feathers are still popular decorations and are often used in crafts. Peacocks are one of the easiest birds to raise. Female peacocks, peahens, make excellent mothers. The brilliant hues and decorative “eye” of a peacock’s tail feathers is the peacock’s trademark. An adult peacock’s train of feathers can be up to six feet long. A peacock can also have a wingspan of up to six feet. A peacock uses its large train in courtship and mating rituals. The peacock has long been a symbol of beauty and elegance, and rightly so.

3 Responses to “Some Peacock Trivia”

  1. Martha Stancil Says:

    How long do you suggest the peafowl are penned before you feel comfortable about letting them roam? We have several acres in the county and I fear fox and racoons. Can they roam during the day and then roost in the coop at night or will they find the highest tree and roost there?

  2. Ruth McMurray Says:

    Hi Martha
    I just purchased a Black Shouldered peahen & peacock from a breeder in our area. He informed me that I should keep them in the pen for about a week, they should be comfortable by then to roam as we have free range birds on our place. It will surprise you to know that the first day our peahen “flew the coup” literally but she stayed within our acreage. Let it be known, however, that it was quite a workout to catch her. The next day our male was out and stayed within our boundries, he wasn’t too bad to catch. Now they are in the pen, together and I’ll keep them there for at least the week. Good luck!!!

  3. Judine Says:

    Beautiful Birds!!
    Just curious about difficulty of keeping them from flying away. We have a 7 foot fence and trees. What is to stop them from getting out?

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