WELCOME TO PEACOCKS AND MORE, we are a Conroe Texas bird ranch.  As you see we have a wide variety of birds for sale, anything from Peacocks, Pheasants, Rio Grande Turkeys, Cockatiels, Senegals, Eclectus and Quakers. We are located 45 miles north of  Houston,Tx.pied-spaulding-clyde-signed

We have been raising peafowl since 1985. We hatched over 400 peacock chicks in 2012 and safely delivered over 1000 eggs to their new home. This year we are planning to change the way we have been hatching. We will only be hatching the early laid eggs so we can check fertility in our 50 pens along with a few selected breeds that we are working on. Our Black Shoulder peahens along with our Spalding hens are both early layers. We usually have our first peachick hatched around Saint Patrick’s Day. That is why it is not too early to start the Pre-Sale for our Peafowl / Peacock hatching eggs. We have For Sale India Blue Peacock hatching eggs, Black Shoulder Peacock hatching eggs, White Peacock hatching eggs, Pied Peacock hatching eggs, Silver Pied Peacock hatching eggs, Pied Spalding Peacock hatching eggs and Spalding Peacock hatching eggs. Prices along with pictures can be found on our Birds For Sale Page.    We also have 2014 Silver Pheasant hatching eggs and 2013 Red Golden pheasants along with 2013 Silver pheasant for sale on our For Sale Page.

We take great care to insure that you receive the freshest peafowl hatching eggs in the best condition possible. We start by gathering the eggs as soon as the Peahens lay them. They are marked with a pen number to insure that the peafowl you want is the peafowl you are getting. They are then placed in a cool dry place. The next morning they are wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in a small box. The spaces between the eggs are then filled. The smaller box is placed inside a larger box. The open space between the two boxes is then stuffed to prevent movement. The outside of the box is then marked fragile, hatching eggs. The eggs are then taken to the Post Office where they receive a delivery confirmation number. Once the eggs are shipped you will be notified by e-mail that your eggs have been shipped along with the delivery confirmation number.

Eclectus pair

At our ranch we no longer have Eclectus Parrot but have left the pictures to enjoy which included Solomon Island, Red Side, and Vosmaeri.  Our Quaker Parrots include Blue, and split to Blue, Cinnamon and the double split or Plaid. We no longer have Cockatiels but have left the pictures to enjoy the many colors Pied (grey), Pied (yellow), Lutino, Pearl, Cinnamon Pearl, Cinnamon, and White Face.

Our ranch complies with the Texas Pullorum-Typhoid Program