Shipping and packaging

We double box all our hatching eggs that are shipped.
We use Priority Mail with the USPS. They provide the exterior box.
Each egg is wrapped in bubble wrap. The eggs are placed into the interior box and secured by pushing packing peanuts snugly under, around and over each egg. This box is then placed inside the Priority box. We add more packing peanuts all around to make sure the interior box will not move. A copy of our Texas Pullorum Thyphoid certification is placed in each order. The exterior box is sealed and the labeling begins.
Your eggs come with red labels telling the post office how to care for your eggs.
You will need to provide us with a contact telephone number for your post master. We would like for your post master to call you when your eggs get to his post office. We would like for you to pick your eggs up from your post office. We would like for you to look at your eggs at the post office. We have not had a broken egg yet, but, we still want you to check. We have had an exterior box crushed. The eggs were not broken but we did replace the eggs anyway. You know they had to be “all shook up.”
We do need an address that your post office uses to deliver your mail.
If you want the eggs delivered to someone other than yourself. Please provide the name with the address.
We try to do everything we can to help get your eggs to you quickly.