Lady Amherst Pheasants Pair


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Lady Amherst Pheasants

This is a unrelated pair one male and one female with no know defects.

These two would make a great addition to your flock.

Shipping cost is NOT included.  Please contact for shipping price. We also offer free pickup at the farm in Conroe, Texas.


Lady Amherst’s pheasant (Chrysolophus amherstiae) is a bird of the order Galliformes and the family Phasianidae. The genus name is from Ancient Greek khrusolophos, “with golden crest”.

History and Background:

The species is native to southwestern China and far northern Myanmar, but has been introduced elsewhere. Previously, a self-supporting feral population was established in England, the stronghold of which was in West Bedfordshire. Lady Amherst first introduced the ornamental pheasant on her estates, near the Duke of Bedford’s Woburn Abbey, where the birds were also shot for game and interbred.


The adult male is 100–120 cm (40-48 in.) in length, its tail accounting for 80 cm (31 in) of the total length. It is unmistakable with its nuchal cape white black, with a red crest. The long grey tail and rump can be red, blue, dark green, white, and yellow plumage.  The female is much less showy, with a duller mottled brown plumage all over, similar to that of the female common pheasant but with finer barring. 


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